The Juveniles in Hiding project seeks to provide a scholarly framework to understanding the complex dynamics of sexual offending among youth and to examine cultural understanding of sexual offending in larger society. The premise for this project is the belief that people are less at risk for being a bystander to sexual abuse when engaged in research-based, critical thinking about sexual offending.

About the Author

Jesselly De La Cruz, BA in Political Science (Rider University), MSW (Rutgers University), is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in NJ. Juveniles in Hiding is a multi-media project that is part of her phenomenological studies portfolio toward her Doctorate in Social Work at Rutgers University – The State University of New Jersey. In addition to her academic work, she completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy at The Multicultural Family Institute, Inc. in Highland Park, NJ. Her clinical experience includes extensive experience working in the prevention of child sexual abuse by conducting forensic evaluations, individual, group and family therapy at an intensive outpatient program for court mandated youth who have sexually abused and/or have fire setting behaviors. Currently, Jesselly coordinates the psychological treatment of child sexual abuse survivors and their non-offending families in Hudson County, NJ.  Her research interests focus on systemic approaches to the prevention and treatment of sexual abuse.

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